I'm Raquib Ahmed

Toronto based full stack web developer

About Myself

I have been residing in Canada for the past 9 years and have been actively working as a Full Stack Developer for half a decade. Apart from that I have been active in the development scene for over 15 years now. I specialize in both custom frond end development and heavy back end development. Currently, I am working with a firm focused on Wordpress development.

When I am not coding, I love to play computer games and visit different places in Canada. I started my Canadian dream in Montreal later moving to Calary to further my career. Currently, I reside in Toronto working as a full stack web developer for a multinational company.

Services Offered

I develop custom websites with both back end and front end support. These websites are fully backed by responsive design and testing across all devices and browsers. Oh and I can develop websites with Wordpress too!

Web based application development has been a major focus of my career. I have developed multiple web based applications ranging from custom online ordering tool to 2 major custom CMS for car dealerships.

I have extensive experience working as a server administrator in Linux/FreeBSD environment. Starting from setting up a brand new server, I have all the necessary tools to keep it running smoothly with minimum downtime.

Over the past years, I have developed multiple RESTful APIs integrating with various cars dealership systems. PBS, CDK Global, Serti, Quorum, Chromedata and proQuotes are some of the API providers I have worked with.

I have worked with and developed various automation process over the past years. Majority of all the development was done server side ranging from automated server management to automated website and asset management. I have also worked extensively with writing and setting up automated scripts to interact with 3rd party APIs.

Apart from writing codes, I have experience developing website and product roadmap for clients. Many of the projects started from blank slate to full fledged automated softwares capable of generating massive revenues.

Recent Projects

Car Dealership

I have worked with 2 Mercedez Benz dealerships in Alberta, Canada to develop their website. Starting from their inventory management, I worked with them to import/export their inventory to and from 3rd party like Kijiji, Cargurus and Autotrader.

Car Dealership

I have developed numerous other car dealership websites for Lexus, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Ford, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Jeep Dodge Chrysler Ram and many others.


Recently, I lead a team involved in building an automated inventory management system for a big oil and gas company in Alberta. I have also worked on a online food ordering system and built a complete dashboard for car dealerships to manage their website and inventory.


In the past years, I have lead a team to build 100+ small to big sized projects involving static to dynamic websites. Ranging from Law firms, I have build websites for independent second hand car dealerships, storage facilities, oil and gas companies, chemical companies and many others.

Payment system

For a charity event in Alberta to fight against cancer, I built a completely automated payment system interfacing multiple kiosks and iPads with a central system. This system was capable of taking payments on the kiosk and syncing them with a central server for the event.


Currently, I work in a team to maintain and support over 600 dealership websites located all over Canada and the US. With more dealerships added everyday, the task is very challenging with huge opportunity to grow myself.

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